Water damage in a home can be costly to fix. While hiring professionals for repairs may be necessary, there are some steps homeowners can take to care for their property after a leak or flood occurs. Here are a few helpful tips for managing residential water damage.

1. Act Quickly with Residential Water Damage

As soon as you notice water damage, take action to stop it and protect your property. Find the source of the leak and turn off the water in that area. The faster you address the issue, the less likely your home will suffer structural damage or mold growth.

2. Dry the Area

Dry water quickly to avoid major damage and mold growth. Open windows and doors to promote air circulation and use fans and dehumidifiers to evaporate moisture. If you cannot remove furniture from the area, place towels over the legs to protect them from moisture. If the walls have experienced water damage, you may need to remove the area and replace it.

3. Be Careful with Flood Water

Flood water may contain hazardous materials, such as sewage or bacteria. Take precautions when dealing with flood waters by wearing protective clothing and gloves. Do not allow children or pets into the area until it is cleaned and sanitized. Generally, any items contaminated with gray water or black water should be discarded.

4. Clean and Disinfect Residential Water Damage

Once the area is dry, thoroughly clean all surfaces with soap and warm water to remove dirt or debris. Then, use a disinfectant cleaner to kill germs and sanitize the area. Thorough cleaning will help you maintain a safe environment for your family and friends.

5. Invest in Professional Help

If the water damage is extensive or you don’t feel confident handling it yourself, hire professional help. Some companies deal with water damage and can provide advice and assistance to ensure the job is well done. Water damage can worsen if it isn’t repaired properly, so calling a professional is one way to ensure the issue is taken care of.

Following these tips, you can minimize the damage to your home and save money in the long run. Managing residential water damage is something every homeowner should understand and be prepared to handle. These tips ensure your home is safe and structurally sound after a flood or major plumbing leak.

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