Upkeep and maintenance around the house are great ways to save time and money. They also empower you to take control of your home because you’ll develop the knowledge and confidence to do basic repairs and improvements. Here are a few easy home maintenance tasks you can tackle yourself.

Home Maintenance Tasks: Clean the Gutters

It’s essential to keep your gutters free of debris, or else you run the risk of water pooling and damaging your roof or siding. With a pair of gloves, a ladder, and a bit of work, you can remove leaves. pine needles, and twigs from your gutters so water can flow freely.

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors During Home Maintenance

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every month or as often as the manufacturer recommends. Replace the batteries at least yearly or if the device beeps to indicate low batteries. Keep your detectors clean and dust-free so they operate as intended.

Change the HVAC Filters

Changing the filter regularly is the best way to keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently. A dirty filter causes the air conditioner or furnace to work harder than necessary, leading to higher energy bills. HVAC filters remove allergens and dust from the air, so replacing them regularly will boost air quality in your home as well.

Home Maintenance Tasks: Clean the Dryer Vent

The lint trap in your dryer catches most of the debris that accumulates during a cycle, but some of it slips through and can build up in the vent. Over time, this becomes dangerous as it creates a fire hazard. Cleaning the dryer vent is easy: just disconnect the hose from the back of your dryer and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the debris.

Repair or Replace Weather Stripping

Drafts let cold air into your home in the winter and hot air in during the summer, making it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. To prevent drafts, check for damage to weatherstripping around windows and doors and repair or replace it as needed.

Re-Caulk the Shower or Tub

Old caulk may start cracking and peeling, leaving gaps that let water seep behind the tub or shower stall. To prevent water damage and mold growth, replace the caulk around showers and tubs. This is an easy DIY job that requires a few simple tools.

Check Plumbing Pipes for Leaks

A leaky pipe is one of the most common causes of water damage in homes. Check exposed pipes regularly, and repair any leaks immediately. Look for signs of dampness beneath cabinets or discoloration on walls, floors, and ceilings.

Doing home maintenance tasks yourself gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes sure your house is in its best shape. From cleaning gutters to checking smoke detectors, these are just some of the tasks you can tackle with ease.

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